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Call for papers for special issue of NJWLS:

The organization theories of the Industrial Democracy Experiments meet contemporary organizational realities 

Team of special issue editors: Nina Amble, HIOA; Håkon Finne, SINTEF; Johan E. Ravn, SINTEF; Lars Klemsdal, UiS.

Abstract 1st.of February 2016 / Full paper: 15th. of June 2016
Abstract submitted to lars.klemsdal@uis.no / full paper submitted to: bo@nordicwl.dk

The Scandinavian Industrial democracy experiments are famous nationally and regionally as well as internationally for their practical (i.e. team organizing) and political (i.e. working environment legislation) effective history. But the experiments also contain developments of a rich and manifold set of socio-technical as well as other concepts and theories on organization and organizing. Some of these have been in continuoususe both in practical working life as well as in research. Others have lived a life in more obscure corridors. However, we find it promising to revisit a larger part of the organizational theoretical heritage of the industrial democracy experiments in a more systematic and thorough way in relation to contemporary organizational realities.

  • How do the organizational theories of the industrial democracy experiments stand as contributions to organizational research and teaching as of today?
  • How do these theories stand as practical and analytical tools for understanding as well as development and change of the Nordic working life as of today?

Examples of interesting key concepts from the experiments are:

  • Minimum critical specification (Herbst)
  • Redundancy of function (Emery)
  • Responsible autonomy (Trist)
  • The Learning Organization (Herbst)
  • Cogenetic logic / unity (Herbst)
  • Joint optimization (Emery & Trist)
  • Intrinsic worktask requirements (Thorsrud & Emery)

We invite both conceptual, historical as well as empirical expositions and analyses where these concepts and theories play a central role.

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